100 Pound Bale (All Skate/Rock Band Tee’s)

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Are you Depop, WhatNot, or Fleamarket seller with a big shop that offers a wide variety of styles, or someone who is capable of reworking and up cycling? If you are, then search no further. This is the product you have been looking for. Merchandise sold by the pound with some pieces coming out less than $2.50 per piece! That’s lower than any other vintage brand is willing to offer, or can offer. It’s the best deal on the internet! We are a team of people who source thousands of pounds of inventory weekly which not only gives us the opportunity to sell in bulk consistently, but also gives us the opportunity to give you the best deals possible. This is where quality meets quantity 🤝

What to expect:


•100 pounds of all modern t-shirts in this bale with tons of opportunity to double, triple, quadruple, or even 5x your money depending on the the experience of the reseller.

• All product is sourced, graded, and shipped directly from our warehouse which means this material has not been washed or treated for stains. This must all be done by the buyer. 

• Previews have also been provided as to what to expect in this type of order. Please note that these are just examples and you can receive a different assortment as inventory is picked and shipped daily.


Grades to expect:


• Grade B - Consists of items that have removable stains, small holes, or just need more preparation to be listed online.


• Grade C - Pieces that would usually go in our thrash packs. You can expect to find items with irremovable stains (such as bleach), chopped tee’s, or tee’s with heavy fading