40 Piece Box (Modern Tee’s)

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In this order you can expect to receive a full box of 90% music tees with most of today’s main stream artists such as Drake, Juice World, Trippie Redd, Post Malone plus many more. The other 10% will consist of brands like Nike, DGK, World Industries, and Chinatown Market. A mix of all A,B, and C grades are in this order. Preview of this box can be seen on our story. Priced to sell only in stock 🔌 don’t sleep 😴 


**please be advised there is a strong possibility of white T-shirts in this box that will need extra attention when being prepped such as washing and treating for stains**


Grade B. Consists of items that have removable stains, small holes, or just need more preparation to be listed online.


Grade C. Pieces that would usually go in our thrash packs. You can expect to find items with irremovable stains, chopped tee’s, or tee’s with heavy fading