65 Piece Box (Major Steal Deal)

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T-Shirt MysteryBox at a plug price 🔌📦 In this box you can expect to receive inventory from our lowest tier inventory options and grade but at this price point you’re promised to make money 📈 plenty of tee’s that will be guaranteed to find a new home ❤️ easily a deal that can’t be passed. Easy ROI 🤑😴 intended for resellers with good selling experience 🤝


***Please be mindful that the T-shirts in this box are all raw material that have been picked directly from the source meaning they will most likely need preparation for stain removal*** 


All A,B, and C grade options can be expected in this order.

Grade A. Minimal stains holes or flaws.


Grade B. Consists of items that have removable stains, small holes, or just need more preparation to be listed online.

 Grade C. Pieces that would usually go in our thrash packs. You can expect to find items with irremovable stains, chopped tee’s, or tee’s with heavy fading