85 Piece Order (B/C Grade Box)

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🤑EASY MONEY BOX🤑 Dumb steal ‼️Pieces and prices you won’t find anywhere else on the vintage market 🔌📦  True vintage, Pro Sports, Harley Davidson , and good single stitch tee’s 


***Please also be aware that there are white pieces in this box that will need treatment for stain removal. If you are not familiar with prepping whites or are willing to do proper research on how to do so please do not purchase***



Grade B. Consists of items that have removable stains, small holes, or just need more preparation to be listed online.


Grade C. Pieces that would usually go in our thrash packs. You can expect to find items with irremovable stains, chopped tee’s, or tee’s with heavy fading and holes